Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On Blogging

blog (blŏg)

A website in which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative.

verb: blogged, blogging
add new material to, or update a blog

derivatives: blogger

Origin: a shortening of web log

Someone said to me recently "what is a blog and why should I care?" If you guessed that it was someone over the age of 40 asking, you guessed right. I'm posting the answer to this question here, chances are this active questioner will never find the answer unless they are in communion with someone, anyone, younger or computer/internet savvy.

I came to making my own blog through an art marketing seminar. It was listed as one of 9 things that you can do to be seen or found on the internet. Not only is it a fluid form of communicating with your tribe, being available to your clients, and sharing your process with a large art community, every link and word can be a line connecting dots that create a larger audience for the masses of internet users in the world. YES, the WORLD.

Ultimately you are helping yourself be visible. The internet, blogs, myspace, and youtube are incredible tools for the individual to create a personal landscape for any and all kinds of relationships, business or personal. The breadth of uses for the opportunities that this tool offers are limitless (at least in the mind of this one little blogger).

To not know what a blog is? Amazing! To not take advantage of the tool? Crazy!

Blogger makes it painless. Yes, even if you are an octagenarian. Don't wait. Get connected.

Did I mention that it's FREE! How can you not?!

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