Friday, May 29, 2009

News from Dixon and Scott Hill

This weekend Dixon holds one of its twice-yearly Art and Wine Strolls. From 4-8 p.m. on Saturday, May 30, downtown Dixon will feature local wines and art. The gallery will be open for the stroll and all work will be 25 percent off. The sale will continue through the next weekend as well (June 6).

I'm excited to announce as well that on June 13, the gallery will host an opening reception for Nicole Strasburg. Nicole is a Santa-Barbara-based painter whose coastal abstracts invite contemplation and study. They are truly terrific. Nicole's work is featured in many public and private collections, and has also been featured on national magazine and catalog covers.

Nicole will share the evening of June 13 with us. Please join us from 6-8 p.m.

Look for additional images of Nicole's work forthcoming on the website.

Path to the Sea 30x30" oil on birch panel ©2007-2009

Thank You, Scott Hill

Scott Hill Gallery

Etsy Shop update

Well, May ushered in a few surprises and setbacks here in Santa Barbara. I'm sure it was well known around the globe how one third of our town was evacuated due to the most recent Jesusita fire. If you weren't evacuated more than likely you were housing evacuees. With this being the third fire in less the a year, we have had our hands full in this community.

Needless to say I did not get the work done for my shop as anticipated... the fire was only half the distraction. This month I am readying for a show at the Scott Hill Gallery in Northern California. (more on this soon!) He is new on the art scene and still wading in to the art pool. I also found out my solo show in Santa Barbara will be in August rather than September. It surprised me and I am scrambling to make sure that I am 100% ready for the exhibition.

Still, I have managed to keep up with my printing on Saturdays through our Adult Ed Continuing Education classes and have posted two new prints for sale in my Etsy shop.

Yes.... I'm still infatuated with my pets, smitten really. I will post other more landscape type works in future. For now, as for most, it's all about them pooches.

A preview!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New York Times reviews April Gornik show

April Gornik's “Rising Moon” (1991)

Art in the News

Welsh Artist of the Year 2009 - Tim Freeman

Tim Freeman's Hidden System

An article in BBC news announced the winner for the Welsh artist of the year. I've never heard of the award but found the article interesting regardless. The winning image is a digitally rendered drawing by Tim Freeman using Photoshop, the image beating out 500 other entries in the competition. Read the entire article HERE. See more images of other award winners HERE. I couldn't find a website for Tim Freeman however there is another article on the awards HERE.

Also in the LA Times:

Yesterday, sweet Sam Maloof, wonderful craftsman woodworker passed away at 93. The article HERE Photo gallery HERE

Today in the LA Times:

VIVE LA FEMME: Suzanne Valadon’s "La Chambre bleue" from 1923.

Centre Pompidou puts on a show celebrating "the year of the women". Article HERE

"A long exhibition, 'elles@centrepompidou,' will feature hundreds of works by female artists only. Think of it as an alternate history."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sullivan Goss & Scott Hill Gallery

Two solo exhibitions on my calendar this year, the first taking place at Scott Hill Gallery in Dixon, California, Dixon is near Davis and not far from Sacramento. Scott is new to the gallery scene having only opened his doors last September. My show will open Saturday, June 13th.

The work will be a combination of new work, not previously exhibited, as well as some beautiful older pieces that need to be seen in a new venue. Like this image of Mt. Tamalpais that was featured in a show at the LA County Museum rental gallery several years ago and has not been out of the studio since.

Aerial View, Mt. Tamalpais
Oil on Birch Panel, 12x48"

The second exhibition will be with my primary dealer in Santa Barbara, Sullivan Goss - An American Gallery. I found out this week that the show had been moved from early September to early August with the caveat that it will run for 3 months through November 1st. A wonderful Fall slot which thrills me. My last show at the gallery was April 2007 so it's been 2 good years of painting and showing outside of Santa Barbara at other venues. I'll be ready with a truckload of new work... get ready!

Winter Shoreline
Oil on Birch Panel, 36x48"

Friday, May 15, 2009

April Gornik

An article on announced the exhibition of April Gornik at the Heckscher Museum on Long Island. The show, which runs through July 5th of this year, focuses on her large scale, luminous landscapes.

I'm a huge fan of April's work and these images don't disappoint. I only wish I could stand in the gallery face to face with them. I wouldn't be opposed to owning one either! Anyone in the vacinity should get themselves to the museum and report back. I'm hoping to own another catalog as they are, truly, images to behold.

April Gornik
Lightening at Twilight. 1993.
Oil on linen. 67 x 20 in. Private Collection.

April Gornik
Fresh Light. 1987.
Oil on linen. 74 x 96 in. Private Collection.

You can see more work at the DANESE gallery and April's personal website.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fire Update

It's day 5 of the Jesusita fire and it was a glorious morning waking to fog. The winds died out last night and failed to return, leaving the fire crews a chance to make headway with their containment efforts.

I actually peeled myself away from the fire news today and began dreaming of routine and normalcy. My heart is squeezed for those families who lost their homes. For me, who was only witness to the devastating effects of the fire, will start processing the experience in paintings and drawings.

This print was created just two weeks ago from a drawing that I made from last summer's GAP fire. I have way to much material to work from this time and it saddens me.

Thanks to all my pals who have been in touch through all various technological devices. It has been wonderful to hear from everyone and comforting to know everyone is safe... including the wee furry beasties, near and dear.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thanks to everyone checking in with the Santa Barbara fire situation. We are as OK as can be expected. Evacuations this morning extend from Patterson (to the west where we are) to Hot Springs Road, North of 192/Foothill all the way up to LaCumbre Peak, Gibraltar Road, Mountain Drive.

Last night around 9pm the wind took the fire away from the city and pushed it West across the 154 toward San Antonio Creek Road. I think it's looking to meet up where it left off last summer in the GAP fire.

This morning it's moving into Montecito. The entire community is involved. We have been a revolving door of people leaving valuables, stopping in for meals and phone central, checking to make sure everyone has somewhere to go.

All was clear but hot here yesterday until the wind shifted. Now we are socked in with smoke and ash from here to Montecito. It's shocking. We have one more day of severe wind advisory and the DC-10 is on it's way.

It's a sad sad affair and I'm heart sick for everyone in the evacuation zones.
Keep all those good thoughts coming and bless those crews out there fighting for our city.
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