Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Winter Shoreline: another opportunity ...

to be seen. This painting, Winter Shoreline, was painted six years ago in 2008. It has hung in several different galleries, two shows and won one award in Santa Cruz. Yet it sits in my cupboard in my studio, waiting.

It's sad to me that many shows have expiration dates that don't allow older, viable, worthy work to come out from hiding in an artist's studio to grace the walls and be admired again. Not only do beautiful works sit in collector's homes to be admired by few but so do many wonderful works sit in the artist's collections because viewers want to see what's new, what is the artist making now.

This painting, one of my personal favorites, favorite for it's ethereal ambiguity, will be heading south to San Diego next week; selected by Peter Frank, juror for the San Diego Art Institute open juried show running from April 5th to May 20th 2014. It's a chance to hang on the gallery wall again, to be seen, at least for a month, by others, in a city south by the sea.

Winter Shoreline 36x48" ©Nicole Strasburg

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Worktable Wednesday

Back to the easel...

snow path, low tide, foggy shore, roiling clouds
after a printmaking workshop using copper drypoint.

Wilson's Warbler in the shrub

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