Tuesday, January 15, 2013


... to the long disregarded blog. Sadly, Facebook has usurped your power, made you a distant object in the rear view mirror of my to do list. You are a passing thought, a "should" and then dismissed with a sigh.

Facebook has made it so easy to share, too easy for the slovenly, with it's quick 120 character punchlines. Does anyone really regard those as ambient intimacy as we are told we should? Or are they merely easier to brush off than a lengthy blog post, or even the briefest of blog entries, that requires more clicking of keys to acquire the meat of a thought.

Like many things, dearest blog, you will morph, you will transform. Let us be mindful of the possibility that your new incarnation may be the Monarch that once was the caterpillar and not another application that lulls us into sleepy discontent as the time wiles away.

Los Pinos 12x12" oil on wood ©Nicole Strasburg

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