Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worktable Wednesday - Framing

Every surface covered
Piles from my own collection
Stamps are in the mix AND paintings
Silkscreen from Small Stump
Ms. Molly gets a frame
Molly ©2012 Teresa Zepeda
That's right! This is a silkscreen, an amazing print.
Astonishing detail Ms. T
More work from Teresa HERE.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Worktable Wednesdays: woodcut

With the recent closing of my exhibition Islands Valleys Home, I am back in the studio wondering what is next. As a diversion I continue to work on my rubber stamp company, Two Dog Stampede. It's starting to border on obsession, okay, well, maybe it's already passed that!  Looking at the wee stampages, I notice that they are getting better {from quantity comes quality, no?}. Some I envision as larger images.

Today, I embarked on seeing if that hypothesis can be proved. I plotted out one of the feline images, two Abyssinian cats curled together in blissful sleep. We'll see if my carving skills are as refined on something that is bigger than two inches square.

Some day, in my not so far off future, the easel and getting back to that lovely fixation with pushing paint around. Until then, the scrape of tools on wood sounds good to me.

Transferring the image to the woodblock with hosho and rice glue

new stampages 2012

work table with block ready & new stamps

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