Sunday, December 13, 2009

Of pooches and paintings

It's December 13th and normally I would be consumed by the bustle of holiday-ing and friends, family and shopping. This year has been very different. I started the year helping a dear friend who fell and broke her shoulder and I'm ending the year nursing my beloved 13 year old pooch.

Both experiences have been quite something, a rollercoaster of emotion, heart squeezing and heart breaking, frustrating and immensely rewarding. I'm grateful that my busy gallery season came sandwiched in between, that I have, and have had, time to spend cherishing friends both two and four legged.

Studio time has been intermittent but rich when I am finally at the easel. In some ways I feel like a new mother, never really a big block of time for work. It must be squeezed in between the needs of someone who counts on you for everything.

My dearest pooch deserves it. She is a, now retired, working dog who has given everything to bring great joy and happiness just by being. It's her turn to be on a big fluffy pillow, catered to and pampered. Dear sweet Athena ... long live the queen.

I am still working in the studio... here is a recent commission propped amongst my studio stock before being sent off into the world.

Athena finding a cozy spot amongst all the paintings.

One of my latest, first draft, for a new composition.

A warm and wonderful holiday season to you and yours.
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