Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Worktable Wednesday

It's astonishing that anything is being completed in my studio at present ... husband Bill has other ideas about what I should be doing with my time... like helping put the new roof on. YES I am a roofer by day and painter/printer by night. IF, that is, I can still lift my arms to hold a brush or even stand on my wobbly legs after a day on the pitched roof.

Still... there are shows coming, the fall is full and deadlines approach so there is no help for it but to suck it up and keep working despite the weary joints and muscles.

Shows on the horizon:

15 year anniversary show at FRAME with the lovely and fabulous Elaine Esbeck. Opening October, 11, 2012.  {that's 10/11/12 people} Announcements forthcoming.

Annual 100 GRAND show at Sullivan Goss opening First Thursday in December.

New work will be arriving at Sundance in the coming months and the possibility of something for the annual Small Images show at the local City College for October.

There is certainly plenty to be getting on with and many stamps yet to be made for the holiday crush that is also creeping up. I know, now I've gone and said it, Christmas is coming. Ho ho ho.

Don't forget to stop in and see all the new shows at Sullivan Goss. Elemental: Water, the Fall Salon, Ken Bortolazzo Equipose and Martha Erlebacher.

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