Sunday, March 16, 2008

NEW on Etsy

I have been working with the Sundance Catalog since the summer of 2004. I recently sent them a collection of new paintings that will appear in a couple months in their online store. Four of my small postcard paintings did not make it in this time (I had many to choose from) so I decided to put these original wee paintings up in my Etsy Shop. These are two of the four listed for sale AND if you like these, watch for the ones to show up at Sundance (sneak peek here).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Painting..... of another kind

Consumed by home projects and myriad of small mishaps the past couple of weeks, at last things seem back to normal, somewhat. On the first of March the front of the house got painted. A friend came to help get the main color sprayed on. This is the precursor to getting the front of the house completed, yay! Once painted, irrigation can be planned and dirt brought in and plants purchased. Hurray again!

With the main color on there is just trim and touching up left to do ~ my job. I was able to paint the window trim last weekend. My goal has been to attempt keeping regular office/studio hours during the week and refrain from home projects until the weekend. It's difficult, I'm anxious to say it's finished. I know that it only allows me to cross off one more thing on the ever present, ever growing list of things to do. *sigh*

So until the weekend comes around again, I'm a studio artist rather than a house painter and someday I will be an artist with a beautiful front garden.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ready, Set, Print

Today I'm making my first attempt at screen printing. Here is the first color going down. I'm using the tide pool image resting behind the squeegee. First color is a light peach that will be the clouds reflecting in the puddles. I am not expecting greatness on this first go round. I'm mostly interested in working out the kinks, printing on differnent materials and finding what is a good fit for me. Already I am learning about the "halo" which is from not having enough snap in my screen OR too much ink OR the wrong kind of ink. Which it is I don't know but I was able to correct it... yay me.

From this picture you can see the initial marks I made to stop out the white areas on the screen. Those will be the highlights of the clouds forms. Next will be to stop out what I want to leave the peach color, so that the next round of ink will cover all the other parts of pink... I think it's a grey lavender that goes next making the puddle colors.

Here it is what it looks like on the paper.

AND....these are my new drying racks for the wet prints as they come off the screen. Very exciting. Again.... I don't know what this first image will be like. I have no expectations since this is my first time EVER making a silkscreen. It is the adventure that is so much fun!
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