Sunday, March 16, 2008

NEW on Etsy

I have been working with the Sundance Catalog since the summer of 2004. I recently sent them a collection of new paintings that will appear in a couple months in their online store. Four of my small postcard paintings did not make it in this time (I had many to choose from) so I decided to put these original wee paintings up in my Etsy Shop. These are two of the four listed for sale AND if you like these, watch for the ones to show up at Sundance (sneak peek here).


tobi said...

hi! i found a link to your page from another pg about artist statements. i just wanted to say that i really enjoy and am impressed by your landscapes. somehow they strike me as very realistic and yet simplified/stripped down at the same time, like abstractions. anyway, nice work!


Thanks Tobi!

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