Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Belated Printing Post

Boy am I ever slack on posting.... I've been caught in the minutiae of home repairs and daily routines. Sara at Little Paper Bird sent me an email today mentioning the screen print I was working on... which I posted the first color in early March. I haven't gotten much farther on it because I discovered, like etching inks, screen printing inks also shift color once they hit the paper. The first color... which I thought would be a slightly shaded white color turned pink, and the very light grey color I mixed subsequently turned lavender when printed over the pink. Surprising!!

Here is the second color which is a slight blue grey, printed by itself to test.

Then, printed over the first pink, it transforms to lavender. Why did I not think of this before mixing? I just don't know. I plan to just keep going and see what happens, it's all an experiment anyway. It's my very first screen printing experience and I'm certain that I'm committing every possible serigraphic faux pas.

I have been putting off printing the third color until I get some of the medium my printing buddy recommended. It's a Createx product {Lyntex Paper Medium} sold at Renaissance Graphics which mixed with the ink colors helps to keep the paper from warping. I'm hoping the medium will also help with transparency and make the ink more fluid for printing.

I like the screen printing process but I must admit I have a lot to learn and my painting is going better.

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