Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 2009

Oh boy... it's April 21st and 85 degrees outside, too freaky early for Summer if you ask me. It leaves me feeling like I need to pour a bucket of cold water over my head OR just lay on the couch in my studio to melt. How does anyone get work done when it's painfully beautiful outside?

And so I reminisce about the past few years while trying to motivate to work on something, anything. It has been a long couple of years spent in home renovating, which subsequently has derailed me from tending the business side of my business with the attention and ardor I am accustomed to do.

I have not, however, been absent from my studio and am gearing up for several group shows and a couple solo shows for the 2009 season. (more on that to come)

Worktable with drawings to be translated into ink.

First grouping of tree prints for new book.

I have been painting, yes, but also printmaking with an eye towards creating artist handmade books. What I didn't realize when falling deeply in love with the artist book was how many dang images one needs to produce in order to get to the starting line of creating said book. So I draw and I print and then draw and then print... compiling image after image in hopes of collecting enough of same size, shape and subject that might blend into a cohesive visual read.

My first book and example of said goal.

I am just now finding my way back to the verbal world of etsy and blogging. I will be writing about this (fingers crossed, marking in schedule) on my blog and posting new prints sooner rather than later to my shop.

Thanks for the rediscovery and the not giving up on the update... which is coming at last to the shop and/or gallery nearest you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing Eva Pietzcker

I happily stumbled across the work of Eva Pietzcker this morning. A dynamo in my opinion of Japanese Contemporary woodblock printing. Each work was more beautiful than the next, an interweaving of simplicity and complexity.

An overview of her work can be found HERE and a new works are being shown in Seattle at the Cullom Gallery.
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