Sunday, May 24, 2009

Art in the News

Welsh Artist of the Year 2009 - Tim Freeman

Tim Freeman's Hidden System

An article in BBC news announced the winner for the Welsh artist of the year. I've never heard of the award but found the article interesting regardless. The winning image is a digitally rendered drawing by Tim Freeman using Photoshop, the image beating out 500 other entries in the competition. Read the entire article HERE. See more images of other award winners HERE. I couldn't find a website for Tim Freeman however there is another article on the awards HERE.

Also in the LA Times:

Yesterday, sweet Sam Maloof, wonderful craftsman woodworker passed away at 93. The article HERE Photo gallery HERE

Today in the LA Times:

VIVE LA FEMME: Suzanne Valadon’s "La Chambre bleue" from 1923.

Centre Pompidou puts on a show celebrating "the year of the women". Article HERE

"A long exhibition, 'elles@centrepompidou,' will feature hundreds of works by female artists only. Think of it as an alternate history."

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Hillary Heydle said...

I think this is fantastic! Must go!

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