Friday, May 8, 2009


Thanks to everyone checking in with the Santa Barbara fire situation. We are as OK as can be expected. Evacuations this morning extend from Patterson (to the west where we are) to Hot Springs Road, North of 192/Foothill all the way up to LaCumbre Peak, Gibraltar Road, Mountain Drive.

Last night around 9pm the wind took the fire away from the city and pushed it West across the 154 toward San Antonio Creek Road. I think it's looking to meet up where it left off last summer in the GAP fire.

This morning it's moving into Montecito. The entire community is involved. We have been a revolving door of people leaving valuables, stopping in for meals and phone central, checking to make sure everyone has somewhere to go.

All was clear but hot here yesterday until the wind shifted. Now we are socked in with smoke and ash from here to Montecito. It's shocking. We have one more day of severe wind advisory and the DC-10 is on it's way.

It's a sad sad affair and I'm heart sick for everyone in the evacuation zones.
Keep all those good thoughts coming and bless those crews out there fighting for our city.


Patricia said...

Oh Nicole! Thanks for the update, I am sending hopes and prayers for all in this awful, scary situation. Please stay safe-


Thanks for the good thoughts Patricia. Things are looking better today. I'm just so grateful all my pals are safe. It's been quite a year.

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