Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shaken AND Stirred

There are, officially, only 24 days left of the exhibition at Sullivan Goss. This morning I spent in the gallery moving out the paintings that have sold and rearranging all that were left. What many don't realize is there were 6 paintings edited from the show because there just wasn't enough room. They have now emerged and are hanging in the main space to be seen.

I felt it was time to shake things up, move the energy in the gallery space and feature some of the paintings that may have been over looked. First thing on the list was to move the three beauties out of the window. They are now happily displayed inside, front and center. *SIGH* I'm happier knowing they will have a three week feature.

It's important to keep stirring, not only for the viewing public but also for my sanity. I start to feel a staleness in the gallery and after working so hard to complete the show it can be disappointing. This was a long run, two months, perhaps when a show is only 4 weeks it's not as critical to kick up some dust. With the publicity and hype over the opening long past and the reviews fading in the rearview mirror how does one keep the party alive? Shifting work keeps it fresh not only for the dealers working, but also for the viewer that likes to visit more than once.

I feel better already.

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