Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Plugged In

For the past week I have been spending my time tethered to my desk, working at marketing and "spreading my seed" so to speak. I enrolled in a tele-class through smARTist Art Marketing several months ago and I'm finally getting around to employing some of their many tactics on web marketing. There was a list of 9 things to do to get noticed on the internet.

1 - have your own website, of course!
2 - have a blog and post regularly
3 - have a "my space" page
4 - write reviews on Amazon
5 - sell on ebay

Okay, the last four are somewhere in my memory bank. I, obviously, have not gotten around to those other four things, yet. I will get back to you ....

I DO however have a new my space page HERE. Oh, it's still in it's infancy, there isn't much there, but it IS a placeholder for things to come.

AND, I did open an Etsy shop. You can see it HERE. I will be listing many of the prints I make and perhaps some of the stock in my studio that is small. It will save emailing clients all the images of paintings available. I DO adore my dealers, so for my larger work, my newest/latest work will have to be found at their galleries.

Progress. Moving forward. Baby steps.

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