Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanks Mr. Hockney

Last month there were myriad of articles on David Hockney and his new show at Pace/Wildenstein in New York City. One of the articles in the NY Times showed this photograph of him working in his studio.

I love the picture but what struck me was the system with which to hang his multi-paneled paintings. Of course I forwarded the picture to my engineer minded husband who then came up with an idea for my own studio. He modified the hanging pieces, making them out of a cut up dowel. Here he is installing them in two rows spaced to match the most common sizes of panel that I work on.

Now I can paint on diptychs, triptychs, quads... maybe even a six paneled panorama without having to rotate the paintings as I work. Not only this, with the paintings flush on the wall instead of leaning on everything the studio feels that much more roomy.

Thanks to David Hockney for the inspiration and, as always, thanks to Bill for making it work in my own space! A good start to the new year in the studio.

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