Monday, January 4, 2010

Good-bye and hello

Good-bye to 2009.
Good-bye to the first decade in this new century.
And a tearful good-bye to our beloved pooch, Athena.
A sweetness that will be missed in the transition to the new decade.

While cleaning my studio to purge 2009, I couldn't help thinking back over the past 10 years. A rich decade full of change, change in the world, change in my personal surroundings and plenty of growth.

The year:
2000 I celebrated my first year in business as a painter
2001 I went through the WEV 12 week self employment training setting a new course for my business and cannot not mention the fall of the World Trade Center
2002 Re-met Bill who would become my husband
2003 Celebrated 10 years at 30 Arlington with a postcard show of 120 images
2004 Eloped with Bill in New York City, PACIFIC my first solo show with Sullivan Goss, cover artist for the July issue of the Sundance Catalog
2005 Built a new workspace in the backyard of my new home and moved my studio out of the city
2006 Celebrated turning 40 with exhibition 40+40@40 at Sullivan Goss
2007 Second cover with the Sundance Catalog
2008 Signed with a new gallery in San Diego
2009 Celebrated 10 years living solely by my brush, five years married, Air Earth Fire Water at Sullivan Goss, and a fond farewell to my dearest companion

It certainly has been a seriously busy decade without even mentioning the financial or political climate... which I am choosing to avoid discussing. We all know what has been happening and it is my wish to prosper and flourish despite it.

Hello to 2010. Here is to the beginning of a new and wonderful decade. Blessings and good cheer, peace and joy-filled studio days with a good helping of love and kindness.

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