Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Prints on Etsy

It was an experiment. Four years ago I was asked to participate in a show focusing on the California missions. I was reluctant to agree and then thought that perhaps through printmaking I could make something more interesting, more graphic, a suggestion of the mission styling without overly romanticizing the heavily touristed landmarks of our state.

I was assigned La Purisima, Santa Ines and San Fernando Rey, none of which I had visited in years. It was a project to research, kind of left brain which is kind of like printmaking, problem solving mixed with some creativity. I had a good time trying although still given a choice it's not a subject matter I would generally lean towards. But I can embrace architecture and the printing process is never without it's rewards no matter how hard one flails in it's processes.

I've decided that these images have been too long in my drawers and it's time they are respected as part of my creative repertoire. Somehow there is still a nagging feeling that they would be better on a Tshirt, but that's just me.

These are now listed in my Etsy shop... who knows maybe the Tshirts won't be far behind!

Mission San Fernando Rey doorway image 6x4.5" matted to 15x12 3/8"

Mission San Fernando Rey fountain/collonade image 8x5" matted to 16x12"

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