Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year Kick Start

Afternoon Refuge 18x36, soon to be featured at Sundance

My idea was to be in the studio building a new body of work at the beginning of the new decade. I dreamed of painting and more painting now that my nursing duties were sadly at an end. Instead I have been at my desk trying unbury myself from the stacks of papers and marketing ideas and bookkeeping that piled up in the two months before the holiday kerfuffle.

There are no committed dates to shows as of yet in this new year but I have plenty of good leads that one would think could be a serious motivator. Alas, I'm pushing paper. Well, perhaps I'm not painting yet but the paintings collected from the most recent show at Sullivan Goss are readying for their launch into the bigger world.

I visited UPS today to ship off new paintings to Sundance. Hooray. I am told that they will be revisiting their old ways of running the catalog... meaning to me that they will be focusing once again on art and artisans, craft people and fine hand made articles. I'm thrilled if that is truly their new direction. I miss that about the catalog, it has been rather slick in the recent past years. It would be wonderful to see it return to it's original charm.

It's usually 4-6 months to get the images loaded onto the website and launch the new work. Afternoon Refuge and Wilcox Property are a preview of a couple pieces to be included.

Wilcox Property 24x48, soon to be featured at Sundance

It is yet back to paperwork for me. More end of the year numbers, projections for the new year and getting ready for tax season. Painting is still rolling around in my brain and ideas are piling at my fingertips. It's only a matter of time....

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