Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Worktable Wednesday

Today will be the first day back at the easel. It's been a full summer so far. Stamp commissions, big auction painting and party, summer cold, time in the mountains and clocking many hours at the easel. The show in November will be here in a heart beat, I can feel it already. Now, with most of my obligations behind me, I can focus solely on the show at Sullivan Goss.

There are no pictures from my worktable today... I will be starting on a blank panel to warm up the muscles. But here are some images from the Lotusland Gala last weekend.

The finished painting, Spring Morning in the Japanese Garden, Lotusland 24x48"

Yours truly with the finished, framed painting as you enter the gala.

The painting framed by the fabulous Chris Kirkegaard of Carleton Kirkegaard {a better picture of the frame to follow}. The lovely and talented Susan Bush, on the left, of Sullivan Goss.

Amazing floating bouquets of mums in the aloe garden.

Out to the lawn where 500 guests gathered and mingled. It was a wonderful and beautiful evening in the garden.

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