Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gaviota Peak, Looking South

From start to install "Gaviota Peak, Looking South". This painting was a commission through the County Arts Commission for the new Emergency Operations Center for the County of Santa Barbara. It is part of the "Percent for Art Program" through the county, a program that insures that any new structures have a budget to be used for public art.

The gals at the county office, Ms. Rita Ferri, Ms. Ginny Brush and Ms. Linda Gardy, make sure that this happens for the artists in our town but also insure that the County of Santa Barbara preserves it's visual heritage within it's own collection. Amazing. I love these women. They work with a board of equally fantastic artists, art teachers, administrators, city and county employees.

Today we got to install this painting into it's new home, with a few others, which will be semi-permanent in the new building. Semi... because it will remain in the collection of the county to be used in other shows if there is a call for it. I'm honored and thrilled to be part of history and art history of this community.


second coat of paint

light wash over entire painting

building in the shapes

final glaze of golden yellow

bring it back to contrast and finish

installation day

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