Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Variations on a theme

A carving in Borco board of the undergrowth images.... this matrix is like working with unmounted linoleum only it's thinner.... this makes it easy to mix the solar plates on the same printed paper without worrying about differences in thickness.

Vellum placed over the carving block , using a water soluble pencil this image was created like a rubbing....
This image is one of my carvings scanned into photoshop then inverting the black and white. I then printed out the image on acetate and made a solar plate for an etching.

These three images are the actual plates... prints will be shown once they are dry.


Uschi said...

Nicole...I don't know from where I crossed your blog-way...maybe Mien...but I'd want to tell you, that I like your art!! So beautiful powerful prints and pictures!

Nicole said...

Thanks Uschi!

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