Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An image at last

I have been trying to figure out a way to photograph the new print with embossing. At last I figured out that the natural sunlight and shadows would give me the best image. Taking a photo of white on white is difficult, especially when the line work is detailed.

Here it is, one of my experiments with the combination solar plate and borco board embossing, all printed together on the press at one time.

When I print again I will document the process and substrate so that it's easier to see what I've done.


redredday said...

wow. i love the embossing work. love how they go together with the color prints, especially the orange/copper one.

Nicole Strasburg said...
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Nicole Strasburg said...

Thanks Mien. I like the effect also. I have several more waiting for the press. I'm stuck on painting at the moment... and thinking about holiday cards too.

Uschi said...

This combination is wonderful...the different textures are great together!

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