Monday, March 7, 2011

Introducing Ms. Molly Hahn aka Mollycules

Molly extraordinaire, Molly the writer, Molly the illustrator, Molly the designer, Molly the techy gal, Molly the publisher... what does Molly NOT do, I ask you.

I met Molly Hahn through a dear friend Tom Stanley, who spoke of her wit and charm and amazing ability. I was first smitten after seeing her newly self published book All the Things I Can Do. Wow. I was impressed and paying attention. She told me stories of taking that inevitable leap off the cliff into entrepreneurship. I have great admiration for anyone willing to make that blind jump into the unknown.

Molly is currently enrolled in the Women's Economic Ventures Self Employment training to figure out her business and build her muscles so that she will grow to be a thriving artist entreprenuer. While all that growing takes place she also needs to keep everything fluid, rent paid, pets fed, belly full and creative juices flowing. Meaning.... she needs to keep working while her own business buds into the fullness she needs for it to support her.

To know about what she has to offer, you can scan her list of credits:

Graphic Design - business cards, brochures, layout, newsletters, logos
Web Design
Illustration - personal commissions, web graphics
Art/Graphics Production Assistant
Teaching - Illustration/Cartooning Workshops
Data Entry - I can type 90 wpm!

You can see her resume HERE
And know all about her amazing talent by perusing her website HERE

Don't forget to check out her books All the Things I Can Do and Under the Sneep Tree

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