Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super offerings from Santa Barbara's finest

Thirteen artists are working in collaboration on a printing project to raise funds for the new organization Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative.

The idea was hatched by fund raising maven Tracey Morris as a means of, not only, raising money for direct-to-artist grants but also as a way to educate a growing audience that anyone can start a grand collection with limited funds.

Here are editioned prints {meaning limited to ONLY 25 of each image offered} at the affordable price of $50 each. They are hand made, hand pulled prints by our local and well loved artists. Half the money goes to the artist for the materials to make the edition, the other half goes to fund grants to help artists in our community stay in our community, realize a dream project or to purchase much needed materials.

The grants include all the arts, not just visual, but dance, theatre, music, literature .... I'm sure to be missing one, but you get the idea. The grants keep our community rich with culture, one reason why we all love it here.

How can this not be a win win for everyone! So far we have 7 prints available with a new print coming out the first of every month. There will be 13 in all, a good baker's dozen. You can get more information on the prints and their creators HERE as well as at the Arts Collaborative website.

Happy collecting! Let's get started!

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