Monday, May 10, 2010

Time Machine

How is it that it's May and nearly a third gone already. Can we get in a time machine and go back a few months? Pretty soon we will be watching 2010 disappear in the rear view mirror and wonder where it all went!?!

I would love to say that it's been all painting and printing all the time but it is has not. Life has a funny way of interjecting it's own designs on your time. The home projects continue and one more piece of the puzzle has dropped into place and crossed off the list.

Last week the back yard landscaping got completed. Yes, yours truly and the hero husband dug for two days installing gopher mesh for the new sod that arrived last Monday!

Do I need to say that the supervisor was on duty? Or perhaps the inspector... the one that inspects surfaces for adequate sleep-ability?

ready for action

inspecting equipment

mid morning siesta

let the digging begin

we slowly worked our way across the yard... that we thought looked really small until all that darn digging!

then there was the compacting and the grading

OF COURSE more napping ...
Molly was exhausted witnessing the work

Finally the first piece of sod went down...
what a beautiful thing that was....

and a little more napping was needed before we finished....

It's beautiful and we're tired but couldn't be happier. Soon I will be talking about painting again. May is full of fun and deadlines and shows coming. It's good the hard labor is done for the time being.

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Hillary Heydle said...

It looks amazing!!! And I see the doggies approve ; )

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