Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carmel by the Sea

My two day road trip this past weekend took me to Santa Cruz where I delivered work to the Art League, dropping off two paintings for their annual juried landscape exhibition.

While in the area I drove south to Carmel to meet (for the first time) Chris Winfield in Carmel. He has a beautiful space, Winfield Gallery, off Ocean Avenue, the main drag in Carmel. The gallery hosts an amazing collection of artists, a virtual treasure trove of painting and sculpture.

Chris is wonderful and easy to talk to... about anything, anything art, business, politics. He seems to have his hands in many cookie jars as well, working both with the Fresno Art Museum and the Crocker Museum in Sacramento.

Lucky me, Chris has agree to try a few paintings. I will be interested to hear the response from an entirely different kind of audience.

If you are passing through the area Carmel is an incredible location to stop and get out. The trees are breathtaking, the ocean air invigorating and there is a lot to see in shops, galleries and restaurants. Make sure to pay a visit to Chris' gallery for an eyeful of beautiful work and a warm, knowledgeable host.

Creek Grove oil on birch panel 30x30" ©2009

Shore Patterns oil on birch panel 48x24" ©2009

Blue Tide oil on birch panel 29.5x19.5" ©2007

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