Monday, December 15, 2008

Take Action

It's the holidays and it's also the time between, time between our incoming President Elect and outgoing President. It's a time when things fall through the political cracks as we glide through the holidays with our focus on family and friends. In a year full of upheavals and a very long political campaign, everyone is tired, most are worried, if not downright anxious about what is to come. However, the current administration will continue on making decisions for the collective "us" until inauguration day on January 20th. They are making decisions and hoping we're not looking. For instance.... approving drilling in our sacred natural spaces like Dixie National Forest and the Red Rock Wildnerness in Southern Utah.

photo credit Robert Riberia web page here

Environmentalist are doing their best to keep track of all that is being considered and are asking those of us who care about the preservation of these amazing natural wonders to speak out. They go so far as to prepare letters for you that can be easily emailed to your state representatives. I'm putting in the links so that you can go directly to the action pages where you can make your voice heard.

Whether or not you personally have interest in these incredible parks and forests how about your children? your grandchildren? I certainly think they are worth shouting about.

Here is where to have your say.... note there are two separate action letters, one for each location, the forest and the redrocks.

A note from Robert Redford on the NRDC website:

Stop Bush's Giveaway of America's Redrock Wilderness
Tell the Bush Administration to cancel the December 19 auction of Utah's Redrock wilderness to oil and gas speculators. These natural treasures belong to the American people in perpetuity. They are not Bush and Cheney's to give away. Once the drilling begins, this majestic wilderness can never be restored. Please SEND YOUR MESSAGE opposing this disastrous plan.

Tell the Bush administration not to allow destructive drilling in Dixie National Forest
Go to Natural Resource Defense Council and TAKE ACTION

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