Monday, July 7, 2008

More on the fire

Here are great links to check on the progress of the fire:

Local news coverage at the Independent
Fire maps and awesome pictures at Edhat


Jules said...

Have you been inspired/compelled to paint any pictures from all of the fires?

Also, I think I saw one of your paintings on a show on tv? Do "people" let you know when they're doing that?


Hi Jules,

I have been thinking about fire images. One of my favorite things to paint is the yellowed California grass before the summer heat browns it, but after the spring sun steals away the green. I can't help thinking about the fire hazard when I'm painting those beautiful windswept grassy hillsides. Seems to go hand in hand with the fire season.

I am unaware that any of my images have made it to the screen. "They" do have to notify you to use a painting or images in a show, as the images rights are owned by the artist and must be licensed for any usage.

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