Friday, July 4, 2008

Fire Update

Find the best news and updates regarding the fire online at our local Santa Barbara Independent. Sundowner winds were extreme last night making many evacuations necessary in the local foothills. Ash and smoke fill the air in Goleta and the vision of the hills on fire is frighteningly beautiful. As it grows dark in the evenings, perception becomes distorted and everything seems so much closer, as if the fire had come right down onto the town. There continues to be intermittent power outages, mostly in the evenings when the wind fuels the flames which then reach the overstretching power lines.

As of yesterday, the Goleta fire is the number one priority in the state due to the risk and proximity to our community. It's incredible that only a few accessory structures and vehicles have burned, there are no injuries or lost homes. We are all praying that the winds subside so that the fire crews can do their jobs. Thank you to everyone sending good thoughts our way. Thank you to SCE for keeping us all plugged in, for the crews working tirelessly fighting the flames, to the news crews sending out the information we need. Blessings and stay safe.

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