Sunday, February 24, 2008

Introducing Teresa Zepeda

Teresa and I met in the printing studio at the local city college here in Santa Barbara, I don't remember how many years ago. I do remember this quiet gal working, perched over a large zinc plate working either with a very fine brush or making tiny marks with her etching tool.

Self-Portrait at 16, Etching, 14" x 11" image

Her prints always amazed me... they STILL amaze me though now she works in silkscreen instead of etching. What is wonderful, she uses the silkscreen process the same way you would create an aquatint in etching. It's kind of a reverse process working from white to black in value scale, brushing out {or stopping out} the colors as you go.

I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but perhaps print makers, it's pretty impressive thinking that she's putting down 15-24 colors in each print. This one of Sadie is a stunner!

Teresa moved to Sacramento a few years back and I only get to see her now and again. If I'm lucky, once a year. Tomorrow she plans to give a short silkscreen demo during her visit and I can hardly wait. I bought the equipment and have everything ready, I just need a refresher to feel confident when I dive in. I don't think for a minute that my work will be near the detail that Teresa is able to achieve... I have no confidence in my ability to be that patient. I'm just hoping for something at least half as good!

"Sadie" Multi Color Screen Print,14/20, 14.5" x 11" image, 21" x 15" paper

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