Thursday, February 14, 2008

A fine Thursday

It's a studio work day today, replete with smells, sounds of brushes on wood, and yes, doggies. I heard from Susan Street Fine Art this week that I am on the schedule for a two person show this May. I have several large paintings in progress that will be perfect and a few more in my head to make the collection complete. The date will be forthcoming once everything is formalized. It's exciting and will help me to focus on finishing these large works in my studio. AND it's always nice to know they will have a home, even if temporary, living outside the studio walls.


redredday said...

wow. how do you keep your carpet so clean??
congrats on the coming show in May! your paintings look so good together, along with your dog too. interesting how the flow of the black and white fur looks very much like your landscapes.

Nicole Strasburg said...

Thanks Mien. Yes, May will be good.

You are right about the patterning on the fur mimics the painted pattern. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe it's subliminal!

I will admit, I'm a tidy painter AND I have the darker rugs under easel and press to keep from dropping ink or paint. It all looks great in pictures.

Hope you are feeling better after your week in bed.

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