Sunday, December 9, 2007

Laying Low

All has been quiet this week recovering from the flu bug ... or flug. The furry beasts were all nestled in, patiently waiting for me to rise. It has been 5 days on the couch and the clouds are at last parting. I see light and sunshine calling me outside. Slowly, moving, eating, more sleeping and plenty of tail wagging.


redredday said... cute...they want you up and about soon with the sunshine! hope you're feeling better.
lovely capture of the gesture of the dog at the top. is the bottom one also a dog? looks more like a human figure with a hat to me. but i could also see a dog in there somewhere. ;).

Nicole Strasburg said...

Thanks Mien. I'm finally up and yes, dogs are thrilled to see me move.

The bottom squiggle is a dog also, the younger of the two is quite a pretzel and loves to sleep on her back. She's a funny one.

Thank you for the well wishes.

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