Tuesday, December 18, 2007

At last, the rain

The plants on my stoop are finally getting what they want... rain. It has been too long since our last good soaking in Southern California. Many had feared yet another extremely dry winter. The fact that we have some weather in December gives rise to hopes that there may be a relatively wet winter in our near future, a much needed wet winter indeed.

I have been spending my time elfing in my studio, printing cards for new year's wishes and holiday greetings. My desk is a mess of failed attempts and a few successes. I am midway through and have another 40 cards yet to print. Happily, I made the decision years ago to send New Year tidings which takes some of the pressure from the already stress induced holiday energy.

Still, the rain pitter pats on my skylights and a hot cup of tea keeps me company as this wee elf continues on.

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