Thursday, August 2, 2007

Forsythia intermedia

With a blank canvas that is our landscaping, I am obsessing over what to plants to choose. My primary goal is to find specimens that bloom in variable seasons ensuring a plethora of color year round.

Forsythia is a wonderful spring blooming shrub with many varieties. It grows both as a low lying shrub, as in the dwarf variety, or up to 10 feet in the Lynwood Gold. All specimens seem to be fast growing which is also desirable when you have nothing but bare soil everywhere!

F. x intermedia spectabilis ‘Lynwood Gold’
Forsythia's yellow flowers add a burst of color to the late winter or early spring landscapes. Branches can be picked in midwinter and forced into bloom indoors, making it one of the earliest of cut flowers.

The plants when given enough room to grow without pruning, they take on a graceful appearance.

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Tony Wilson said...

Shrubs add a special touch to any garden or landscape. This shrub will add beauty to your garden. They also look great in any landscape, even when not flowering shrub with dark green leaves. Shrubs also add beauty and color to your home and flowerbeds. This tree and shrub will add beauty to your garden gorgeous. It will be beautiful with their large flowers have a purple flower.

Magnolia Jane 1-2'

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