Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to the presses

I have been working on a series of images taken of the underbelly of our newly removed jasmine bushes. I have begun 6 12x12" oil paintings (seen here in THIS post) and now I continue the study in ink.

I am working on several different plates so that they can then be printed using transparent inks. My hope is to create a multi-layered effect capturing the intertwining twigs and branches, the chaos that is the hidden treasure under each plant.

The black and white images are two separate images created and then burned onto the solar plate by exposing them in the sun. (To learn more about this process... visit Dan Weldon's book Printmaking in the Sun. He is the master and pioneer of the process).

Here is the test plate of the two images printed together. Using two different, transparent inks and printing the plates one on top of the other makes a lovely mess of branches. It's a beginning. One of the things I love most about printing is being able to manipulate the colors on the plates... many variations on a theme. It's so different than putting down marks with the brush and a fascinating way to study a beloved subject, over and over again in different media.

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