Friday, April 13, 2007


Ok, Beth wrote a fantastic review. I'll admit it, I was weepy throughout. The words were thoughtful, thought provoking and described the essence of what I love to do best.

I will also confide, I had no idea what disegno meant. Thanks to Wikipedia now I do:

"Disegno is the design, usually in the form of a drawing, that the artist had in mind before beginning to carve or paint their work. The concept of disegno is related to the inspiration of the artist and their imagination. The Renaissance intellectuals believed that the disegno was the model of God's creation."


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beth taylor-schott said...

Hi Nicole,
I was thinking of disegno in the aesthetic sense, as the antithesis of colore. Florence vs. Venice, David vs. Turner. That sort of thing. Thanks for posting! I love your work!

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