Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Treasures on Etsy

An odd and wonderful web site Etsy .... it is a place to hunt online like you are at a craft fair, garage sale, artist's open house, boutique sale... a plethora of hand made goodies. Most of it is just a bit of this and a bit of that but every once in a while there is one charming or unusual seller.

Harry Stooshinoff has one such space at Etsy. He calls his "store" Paintbox and it's chock full of small studies of the Canadian landscape. There is such tenderness in these small and wonderful studies. They are quiet, gentle and obviously, a loving portrayal of someone's home and surroundings.

I will admit that the price is just too good to pass up. I have several in my own collection and I don't think they will be alone for long (I'm particularly fond of the snow paintings). There are many more to be snapped up. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed if you dive in and start your own collection.

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