Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Team Minnie

I had the great pleasure of working on my very first officially commissioned pooch stamps. Miss Minnie, loved by all, recently ailing, newly healed, pooch extraordinaire is now immortalized in several flattering versions of herself, ready to be stamped on any and all surfaces!

Minnie, who stole into the hearts of many during a recent illness, is beloved companion to the fantabulous jewelry designer Erin Balint of ERB designs.

I was very excited by the challenge to capture the dear expression of sweet Minnie and after the first go I realized what a challenge it would be. One wrong little flick of the carving tool and Minnie was no longer Minne but rather some other dogness looking back at me. I had to be far more careful when making choices about what to leave and what to remove on the block... tricky when dealing with a 1"x1" piece of rubber!

Yet there she was, all cuteness revealed. I made several attempts so that Erin could choose which was the true Minnie spirit.

Minnie Sit! Minnie Stay! Minnie roll over!

Minnie's many minis.

Thrilled that the Minster is on the mend and back to her frisky self. Team Minnie has many loyal fans, all rooting for a full recovery. Thanks Erin! What a treat for me.


ERB said...

Hi Nicole,
What a delight to have such beautiful stamps of my sweet, sweet Minnie. I gave one as a gift to the fabulous Dr. Gillen at CARE Hospital where the whole team showered Minnie with healing love and brought her back from the brink. You'll probably be hearing from her.
Next, it's Chica. What can I say. I love our little critters, I love stamps and I loooove your work.
Thanks Nicole!

Marcy said...

Nice work Nicole! It looks like you captured Minnie perfectly. And what a great gift for Erin to give to her vet-love it!

Kathryn Hansen said...

oh, that's very really captured that cute beagle!!

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