Saturday, January 22, 2011

O.S.C. obsessive stamping compulsion

The latest items have just hit my shoppeee, my newest obsession with hand carving stamps. It all started with the idea of wanting to make my own wrapping paper for the holiday. OF COURSE it was pet inspired, border collie infatuation and sincere pet worship which has been perverted into my foray of making hand made, hand carved rubber stampages.

It started with my own dogs, then dogs playing frisbee and then I thought "hey! why not all the breeds!" and "why not portraits of friends dogs?" I continued to spin out from there. I want to carve anything and everything. Dogs first... then maybe some cats... other beasts, and we'll see. I'm in the falling in love stage so anything and everything seems possible.

Here are the first stamps made and you have to mosey over to the Etsy Shop to see more and then keep checking back. I'm at about 4 dozen dogs at present {and counting!}.

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