Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introducing Fabian Ojeda

I have to redeem myself after making the mistake of not knowing what the new fabulous store on State Street was when introducing the work of the fabulous Billy Woolway last week.

Plum Goods is the name of the store at 909 State Street in Santa Barbara. Can I just say HOORAY for the little mom and pop shop in the midst of the big mega stores taking over our little main street in Santa Barbara.

Upon entering the store and looking for my dear, sweet pal Billy I ran into Fabian who informs me that he is one of the visual merchandisers for this gem of a store. The description in the business write ups I've read goes like this "Hand crafted, upcycled, fair trade, unexpected eco-chic goods. Locally owned and operated."

Upcycled... fair trade... unexpected... eco-chic.... all music to my ears... then the big kicker... locally owned and operated. Hallelujah.

Fabian is a wonder and wonderful, as well as an amazing jewelry designer. Check out his website at Fabian y Felipe.

Now get out there and shop local peoples!

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