Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Passing Storms

After 2 weeks of illness, I'm at last on my feet and today, finally, in the studio. There is a kick ass virus making the rounds and my wish for everyone is that you avoid it!

While convalescing under a blanket it rained and rained outside. The cold was horrible but the reading was good, snuggling with the pooch was great and hearing the rain outside divine.

In between all the storms there were epic days at the beach (yes, I went anyway, with pockets full of tissue). The winter surf has taken a lot of the sand and uncovered some dear friends at the point. I've painted these rocks many winters and this year they have a new coat of moss, beautiful against the blue of the sky.

The pooch didn't mind the low tide either. Plenty of ball, frisbee and swimming several days in a row blissed out the border collie.

...and Devereux Point never looked so beautiful. Crystal clear and sparkling, seemed like you could see forever.

Looking forward to getting back to the easel. It's time to focus before the bustle of spring starts. Oh to be well, such a delight.

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