Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Updates and post No. 200

It's hard to believe that it's already Fall and September will come to a close in a week. Where did the month go?! My exhibition at Sullivan Goss, AIR I EARTH I FIRE I WATER will be up for one more month, closing on November the 1st.

The over-achiever that I am, I delivered far more work than there was space on the walls so the gallery is slowly replenishing and rotating the paintings as they sell. I was told by a friend that many new things were to be found at the gallery this week.

This month has been an amalgam of projects. I spent a week at a classic Japanese woodworking workshop, Moku Hanga, learning a new form of printmaking. (I WILL be posting images, I promise!) Of course coming home from that meant clearing a space in my studio and ordering all the proper tools to be able to make these prints in my studio. At the same time, many group shows were looming. I frenetically went through all my drawers and pulled out prints and started matting and framing for the upcoming onslaught of Fall obligations. It was 3 or 4 days just cutting mats and another putting the frames together. I do think at last I'm ready.

Many of these matted gems are now adorning the lists of my Etsy shop and there are many more stacked and waiting to be added. The black and white prints will follow and perhaps something larger than the 2x2" image!

Here's a preview:

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