Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dixon Reception

....the gallery walls were hung with care,
in preparation for guests that soon would be there ...

The opening at the Scott Hill Gallery the weekend of June 13 was just grand. The 27 pieces hang beautifully together on the gallery walls. The paintings and prints are from several different collections of work and surprisingly speak very well together as a group. Most of the work consists of water imagery with a few land compositions... grass, one of my favorite muses.

The lovely Liz and James Fuller hosted a fantastic cocktail party at their home before the guests wandered over to the gallery reception. It was a beautiful day in Dixon. I was truly expecting the inland California heat and was pleasantly surprised that the weather felt like home, warm with cool breezes. It just couldn't have been better.

Liz is an amazing chef and the food was sublime. I'm beyond grateful for their care and support.


Lucy Camarillo Krohn said...

Liz mentioned you were an exceptional artist, after viewing your work, I must say that was an understatement! What a lovely event.


Thank you for the compliment Lucy. Warm regards.

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