Monday, November 17, 2008

95% containment in Montecito - 40% in LA

specific information can be found on the california government site HERE
blessings and be safe


Cris Fulton said...

Hi Nicole,

Glad to hear that the fires are being contained. That has to be a nerve-wracking experience. Good luck to you and your friends and family as the recovery process begins. How did you ever manage to make paintings?

Cris Fulton

Nicole said...

Hi Cris,

These paintings were made just after the fire in July (the GAP fire) that was really close to me. I love painting the yellow California grasses and it occurred to me that I think a lot about fire while making was a natural progression to the fire images.

I'm heartbroken for those who lost their homes. Turns out it was some kids who had a bonfire the night before that didn't get entirely extinguished. Then...when the winds picked up it just grew into a huge mess of a business.

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