Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Tides

Two of the lowest tides of the year happened yesterday and today. It's a wonder to be out when the sea pulls so far from shore... then there are the years that all the sand goes missing as well. At the local point, one of my favored haunts and an endless supply of inspiration, today was spectacular. The stone or shale that is left reaching out to the edge of the tide is an incredible grey with these wonderful indentations that hold water and all sorts of creatures stranded by the ebbing water.

The puddles that are left reflect the clouds and the sky in myriad shapes and depths. Nature in all it's glory on a stunning day before the rain comes. I see some painting in those wet days ahead.


Uschi said...

it's amazing how you've got exactly the same way to look on nature through your camera like in your paintings.
You live in a beautiful region!!

Nicole Strasburg said...

I will admit that I'm a studio painter. I use my camera to do a lot of composing for my paintings and then go home to hibernate, working from a series of images taken out in the field.

Yes, where I get to live is unique and amazing. Our little town is tucked in between the ocean and a nearby mountain range. Even though I live in California, the location of Santa Barbara runs East/West. It's very unusual and the native Indian tribe, the Chumash, found this to be sacred ground.

It doesn't surprise me at all. It certainly is magical here.

Thanks Uschi.

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